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The United Arab Emirates (UAE), shortly The Emirates, is a federation situated in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula. The UAE consists of seven states, termed emirates, (because they are ruled by Emirs). The capital and second largest city of the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi. Dubai is the largest City in UAE.

A massive construction boom, an expanding manufacturing base, and a thriving services sector are helping the UAE diversify its economy. Nationwide, there is currently $350 billion worth of active construction projects.[113] Such projects include the Burj Khalifa, which is the world's tallest building, Dubai World Central International Airport which, when completed, will be the most expensive airport ever built, and the three Palm Islands, the largest artificial islands in the world. Other projects include the Dubai Mall which is the world's largest shopping mall, and a man-made archipelago called The World which seeks to increase Dubai's rapidly growing tourism industry.

Also in the entertainment sector is the construction of Dubailand, which is expected to be twice the size of Disney World, and of Dubai Sports City which will not only provide homes for local sports teams but may be part of future Olympic bids.

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  • Umm al-Quwain

  • Dubai

  • Ras al-Khaimah

  • Sharjah

  • Fujairah

  • Ajman


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